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What is about? Star and log cabin quilt patterns and quilt blocks!

Picture of Wanda EppsWanda Epps

Hello and welcome! I am Wanda Epps, publisher of

I am a lifelong (almost) crafter. My earliest memories of crafting was in eighth grade art class. We did basket weaving, embroidery, painting and macramé. Those then popular macramé plant hangers, well, we made 'em! :-)

During the summer between 7th and 8th grades my cousin Priscilla taught me to sew. We made a pair of pants of green and white striped seersucker fabric using a commercial pattern. I did such a great job that my mother did not believe that I had made them. I sewed clothes throughout high school and college.

As a youngster I watched my great aunt Fannie make quilts from scraps of fabric that she had used to make clothes. She used a Singer (R) treadle sewing machine to make the clothes and made the quilts by hand.

As a young kid did I know the value of the history that was being made by my great aunt? Not! Had I, I would have found some way to save the beautiful handmade quilts that she made.

I do not recall her making blocks, just stitching together scraps in crazy quilt like fashion for the top and backing. Old blankets served as batting.

Later in life, I would go on to do flower arranging, floor cloths and jewelry making. Eventually, I began to quilt, making baby quilts and full size quilts for friends and relatives.

Below is a picture of a modern four patch quilt that I made for a friend. And, let me tell you, the picture does not do it justice! It's beautiful and she loves it!!!

modern four patch quilt patternmodern four patch quilt pattern in shades of grey machine pieced and quilted by Wanda Epps

As with the hobbies that came before, needless to say I amassed the tools and fabric for quilting. My stash is sizeable (though I recently de-stashed). What do you do with all of that fabric?! Like a lot of quilters who want to find a way to help pay for what can be an expensive hobby, I brought my it to the Internet:

My intent is to help you use your stash to make some quilts that reflect your tastes, your stash, not necessarily not mine. I design star and log cabin quilt patterns that serve as a guide, but not always an A to Z step-by-step pattern, for you to follow while making the quilt your own.

Won't you join me on this wonderful journey of quilting that is rich in history and is oh so rewarding!


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