Easy Star Quilt Blocks for Simple Star Quilts

These easy star quilt blocks make beautiful quilts. They use simple squares, rectangles and triangles to make star blocks.

As a beginner quilter and a lover of star quilt blocks you want easy to make blocks. I get it!

Start with simple shapes that you're familiar with...

  • squares
  • rectangles
  • triangles

These simple shapes are used to put together star quilt blocks that are easy to make but may look difficult to beginners.

Star Blocks Made of Half Square Triangles

Eight Point Star Quilt Block

This 8 point star block uses 12 half square triangles (HSTs) and four plain squares arranged to resemble a much more difficult block, the LeMoyne star. Different fabric prints make it scrappy. Use solids for a more modern look. See how to make this eight point star block.

Friendship Star

The friendship star block is a nine patch star. It has five simple squares and four half square triangles . The HSTs are placed in the middle column and row to make the star. See step-by-step how to make the friendship star quilt block.

Star Blocks Made With Flying Geese

Sawtooth Star Quilt Block

Lots of star quilt patterns use the sawtooth star. Why? Probably because it uses easy to make flying geese units. And, the center square leaves room for lots of design possibilities. Add another star or quilt a cool motif. Get instructions to make it a 12-inch sawtooth star quilt block.

More Easy Star Quilt Blocks

This next group of easy star quilt blocks use a few tools like a quarter square triangle ruler, and Perfect Triangle(R) and Triangle Squared(R) quilt rulers to make the blocks. You'll pick up a few new skills by making these blocks.

Star Blocks Made With Triangles

Galaxy Star Variation Quilt Block

This beauty is made up of made up of simple squares and triangles. That's it! This star is based on a nine patch grid and has eight uneven points - four short and four long. To get consistent points use tri-recs triangle tools to make the galaxy star quilt block.

Ohio Star Quilt Block

Talk about being popular and prolific...the Ohio star is a traditional quilt block with so many variations, 100s maybe. It's a 9-patch grid star made of hourglass units and simple squares. A red and white fabric combination make it a true classic. Try the Ohio star quilt block pattern.

Triangle in a Square Star

This block uses the Perfect Triangle(R) and Triangle Squared(R) quilt rulers by Creative Grids(R) to make this easy star quilt block that would traditionally be made by using the quilting technique paper piecing. See why this triangle in a square star block is one of many easy star quilt blocks.

Eight Pointed Star

This eight pointed star is the sun rays quilt block. It's another nine patch star that uses the Perfect Triangle(R) and Triangle Squared(R) quilt rulers by Creative Grids(R). I've seen this star used in a lot of stunning Amish quilts. See how to make this eight pointed star quilt block.

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