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Quilt blocks and easy quilt patterns for beginners and others who love simple, traditional or modern blocks. Start quilting today!

Quilting is so much fun! Wouldn't you agree? It is also addictive. It can be an expensive hobby. But, then, aren't they all?! :-)

Quilting has a rich history filled with tall tales and true stories.

Many of us have a relative or two who may have quilted. My great aunt Fannie did.

I watched her turn scraps of fabric leftover from making clothes into beautiful bed quilts.

Quilt Blocks

We'll discover lots of blocks to use in making simple, exciting, fun quilts!  :-)

Blocks are the basis of most quilts, especially traditional ones. Modern quilts may use blocks or not.

Here, you'll find easy quilt block patterns for simple and easy to replicate quilt patterns...

And though I am not aiming to include all blocks (there are sooooo many :-o) on the site, I will share enough to offer you a wide variety for your quilty creations.

You will find blocks pieced in real fabric...always a nice treat!

Scrappy Quilting Style

Scrapish (I made up the word) describes my style of making quilts. Call it scrappy if you like :-).

Free-form four patch quilt patternmodern four patch quilt pattern

I like to quilt with big blocks and use many different fabrics in one quilt.

My fabric choices are usually from different lines of fabrics and fabric designers. Lots of shades of one color or many different colors.

The fabric may be a true scrap or it may be yardage.

I usually take traditional blocks and use improvisational, or free-form, quilting techniques to cut them up and/or piece them together.

My hope is that this results in a quilt top that is a cohesively cobbled masterpiece :-).

What can you expect to find on scrapish.com?

How to Quilt Basics

Learn how to make a quilt in 5 basic steps...

  1. make a quilt top
  2. select batting
  3. choose a backing fabric
  4. quilt your quilt
  5. bind your quilt

How to quilt... There's a lot know. So quilting for beginners step by step is how we'll get through it. You'll see lots of pictures and easy to follow instructions!

Improv Quilting Techniques

Do you want to spend hours following a pattern that leaves you with an unfulfilled sense of accomplishment?

Of course you don't! You want to put your stamp on a pattern and save time too! But, how?

Use easy improvisational quilting techniques to make our easy quilt patterns uniquely your own quilt.

Time-saving Techniques

Easy Quilt Patterns

Now, I wish I could stitch all the quilt patterns that will appear on scrapish.com. But, unfortunately, time won't allow it.

I'll use computer software called Electric Quilt (R) to generate virtual quilt patterns for beginners to show you what a block would look like in a quilt.

You'll see how to quilt with charm packs, jelly rolls, fat quarters, etc. Here are a few easy patterns to help you begin your quilting journey...

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Fair warning... You may become addicted to quilting! (Don't say I didn't warn you!) :-)

Relax, find an easy quilt pattern and enjoy the journey. You can quit at any time. :-)

Happy quilting...



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