Star quilt patterns with only stars, or star blocks with other quilt blocks...we love them.

In fact, we like all star quilts!

Beginners may think that star quilt patterns are difficult to make. Not so. Most star blocks are easy. Take them apart to see, or make them big!

A lot of star quilt blocks are made up of simple shapes like squares, rectangles and triangles. These are put together in easy to make quilt block units called flying geese, hourglass blocks, half square triangles, quarter square triangles and the like.

Don't worry. Making the units that make up star quilt blocks is not hard and doesn't have to take forever.

Go big! Make 12 inch star blocks, or bigger. Did someone say 24 inch quilt block patterns? Yep! I want to get to the next one. I mean, let's git 'er quilted!

If your quilting experience hasn't been fun, help is here. We'll quilt the stars, and the units that they're made of, together!

easy sawtooth star quilt patterneasy sawtooth star quilt pattern

You've found your quilting place if...

  • You like to play with fabric and need new ideas for a quilt.
  • You want to quilt in your spare time 'cause you're always short on time for whatever reason.
  • You have a ton of precuts just itching to be made into a quilt, but you haven't got a clue about which quilt pattern they would look good in. Hint: a star quilt pattern.
  • You have more fabric in your stash than you can ever use in this lifetime and want to use up some of it to keep at bay the guilt you feel when buying more fabric.
  • You adore traditional quilt blocks like star blocks and log cabin blocks and want to use them in modern quilt layouts.
  • You want to discover new and interesting star quilt patterns.

Coming Soon...

Faux Feathered Star Quilt Kit

Picture of a faux feathered star quilt block.

Have you wanted to make a feathered star quilt block but are intimidated? (I mean all those little "feathers" do seem like intense piecing.) Well, fear no more! A faux feathered star quilt kit is on the horizon.

This faux feathered star quilt block uses half square triangles and flying geese blocks. Easy!

The quilt kit is expected to ship October 2021 and includes the Faux Feathered Star Quilt Pattern, flying geese quilt block and half square triangle foundation paper, and fabric for a 40 1/2 x 40 1/2 inch quilt top and binding.

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A Few Easy Star Quilt Blocks

Galaxy Star Quilt Block

This beauty is made up of made up of simple squares and triangles. That's it! This star is based on a nine patch grid and has eight uneven points - four short and four long. To get consistent points use tri-recs triangle tools to make the galaxy star quilt block.

Ohio Star Quilt Block

Talk about being popular and prolific...the Ohio star is a traditional quilt block with so many variations, 100s maybe. It's a 9-patch grid star made of hourglass units and simple squares. A red and white fabric combination make it a true classic. Try the Ohio star quilt block pattern.

Sawtooth Star Quilt Block

Lots of star quilt patterns use the sawtooth star in their designs. Why? Probably because it uses easy to make flying geese units. And, the center square leaves room for lots of design possibilities. Add another star or quilt a cool motif. Get instructions to make it a 12-inch sawtooth star quilt block.

Log Cabin Blocks as Stars

Wondering what a log cabin quilt block has to do with star quilts? Log cabin blocks are so darn versatile that they can be arranged to create a star pattern. Who knew, right?! While I work up this magical rendition try a more traditional log cabin block.

Star Quilt Patterns

You may become addicted to quilting star blocks! (Remember, I did warn you!) :-)

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What is a quilt block?

Are you a beginner quilter wondering what a block is? A quilt block is a component of a quilt. Quilters use small pieces of fabric cut in various shapes (squares, triangles, circles, half square triangles, etc.) to make a block.

Depending upon the style of quilt, many quilt blocks, sewn together into rows or sections, make up a quilt top. A quilt block can be any size, but commercial quilt patterns commonly use 6-inch, 8-inch, 9-inch, 10-inch, and 12-inch blocks.

Star Block Names

In addition to the above, other named star quilt blocks are...

  • carpenters star
  • feathered star
  • goshen star
  • lemoyne star
  • lone star
  • periwinkle star
  • ribbon star

...just to name a few. There are too many to name them all! :-)

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Let's quilt the stars together!


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