Easy Quilt Pattern

An easy quilt pattern made from a simple square - what could be easier? How about using precut 10 inch squares. Beginners rejoice!

easy quilt pattern made with 10 inch precut squareseasy quilt pattern using 10 inch precut squares

The simple square - one of the easiest blocks used to make a quilt.

This pattern is made even easier by using 10 inch precuts to make the entire quilt top - no cutting of strips or piecing blocks required.

Now that's beginner friendly!

10 inch precuts come packaged already cut into squares ready for sewing.

There are usually 40 or 42 squares per stack, representing an entire fabric line. Some prints are repeated.

Block Name: Square

Finished Block Size: 9.5 inch

Approximate Finished Quilt Size: 76 x 95 inches; 8 x 10 blocks

Fabrics for Quilt Top

For a queen size quilt you will need 2 packs 10 inch precuts, or 80 (10 inch squares), in your favorite color scheme.

I have chosen a red, black, grey and white color scheme.

Picture of 2 (10 inch) precut squares or layer cakes2 (10 inch) precut squares or layer cakes (R)

Backing, Binding, Batting Fabrics

Backing: 3 yards of 108 inch wide backing fabric

Binding Fabric: 3/4 yards

Batting: queen size (cut 80 inches X 99 inches)

Easy Quilt Pattern Instructions

  • All seams are 1/4 inch unless otherwise noted.
  • WOF = width of fabric

Quilt Top Layout

This quilt pattern is laid out in an 8 row x 10 column grid - that's 80 (10 inch) squares.

easy quilt pattern layout diagram

Step 1 Separate squares

Separate the squares from one of the 10 inch square stacks into color groups.

easy quilt pattern 10 inch square color stacks

Step 2 Arrange Squares

We are going to put the quilt top together from two panels - half of the pattern at a time.

On a design wall or other space arrange squares from one of the 10 inch square stacks in an eye pleasing grid of 8 rows x 5 columns (Panel 1).

First, layout row 1. Then layout the squares of successive rows ensuring the each color is sprinkled throughout the panel in relation to the previous row.

easy quilt pattern panel 1

Step 3 Stack Squares

Stack each row of squares for easy transport to your sewing area. Write the row number on a piece of paper and pin it to the stack.

Take the blocks off the design wall in the correct order of placement. Simply start with row 1, square 1. Place square 1 on top of square 2, square 2 on top of square 3, and so on through to square 8.

easy quilt pattern Row 1 stack

How to Sew Blocks of a Row Together

Step 4 Sew Squares of Each Row

Row 1: Sew the squares of Row 1 together. Next to your sewing machine, place Square 1 face up. Place Square 2 face down over Square 1.

easy quilt pattern stitch together blocks of each row

Sew a 1/4 inch seam along the right edge of the two squares.

Flip Square 2 face up. Place Square 3 face down over Square 2. Sew a 1/4 inch seam along the right edge of the two squares.

Continue in this way through all the squares (or blocks) of the row.

Press seams towards the right.

easy quilt pattern stitch together blocks of each row

Note: Pin the row label near the upper left corner of square 1. Leave this label pinned while you make the quilt top. It let's you know how to orient the quilt top.

Sew Rows 2 - 5: In turn, stitch the squares of Rows 2 through 5, pressing each row in the opposite direction from the previous row.

How to Sew Rows Together

Step 5 Stitch Rows Together

With right sides together stitch Row 2 to Row 1. Place Row 1 right side up. Place Row 2 face down on top of Row 1, nesting the seams. Place a pin on both sides of each seam and along the row in the middle of each square.

Sew the rows together using a 1/4 inch seam.

Repeat for next three rows, placing the next row with right side down over previous row.

easy quilt pattern stitch together rows

Step 6 Stitch Panel 2

Repeat Steps 1 through 5 to make a second panel. Press the first row of Panel 2 in the opposite direction of the last row of Panel 1, then press each row in the opposite direction from the previous row.

Pressing Direction

Below see the pressing direction of the blocks of Rows 1 - 10  and the seams between the rows.

easy quilt pattern pressing diagram

Step 7 Stitch Panels Together

With right sides together, place Panel 2 on top of Panel 1. (The top of Panel 2, Row 1 should meet the bottom of Panel 1, Row 5.)

Attach the panels by stitching this final seam.

Quilt Top Complete

Now you have a completed quilt top.

easy quilt pattern completed quilt top

Finishing the Quilt


Batting: queen size (trim to 80 inches X 99 inches)


Backing: 3 yards of 108 inch wide backing fabric

Three yards of 108 inch wide fabric is 108 x 108 inches. Trim it to 84 X 104 inches to back the quilt.

Yes, you will have left over fabric, but this is much easier than buying yardage, cutting it and then piecing it to size.

Make the Quilt Sandwich

Put the quilt sandwich together by layering it in this order: backing, batting and quilt top. Pin baste the three layers together.

Quilt the Quilt

Now quilt the three layers in your favorite quilting design.

Bind the Quilt

Binding Fabric: 3/4 yards

From the yardage cut 9 (2 1/2 x 40 inch) strips and join to make a single long binding strip. (This pattern assumes you know how to bind, but binding instructions will be posted to the site at a later time.)

Easy Quilt Pattern Complete

This is an easy quilt pattern which you can adapt to your favorite color scheme.

Here are some popular color schemes:

  • red, white, blue
  • yellow, green, black, brown
  • orange, shades of green, grey
  • pink and grey
  • yellow, blue, white, black

Raid your stash to make this easy quilt pattern truly your own.