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Log Cabin Quilt Pattern

Use this log cabin quilt pattern and 2 1/2 inch strips to make big blocks that finish at 14 inches. The traditional straight setting is beautiful!

log cabin quilt patternstraight setting traditional log cabin quilt pattern, queen size

The log cabin quilt block has been known to cultures since ancient times. Depictions of the basic construction of the block can be found in the artifacts of many cultures - Egyptian, Roman, Peruvian and more.

Today the block remains a favorite among quilters. Perhaps because it can be constructed in an almost endless number of ways.

This traditional pattern is a straight setting layout. It places the dark side and the light side of the block in the same positions throughout the pattern.

Doing this results in what looks like alternating dark and light straight lines.

I chose my favorite color scheme for this virtual quilt pattern – black, white and red. Dig into your fabric stash and pull out three colors that appeal to you.

Or, if you're stuck, here are some tried and true color combos:

  • red, white and blue
  • red, black and grey
  • purple, green and yellow
  • black, grey and white
  • orange, purple and green

Here's a good website for more ideas on color combos.

Log Cabin Pattern

Block Name: Log Cabin Quilt Block

Finished Block Size: 14 inches (14 1/2 unfinished)

Setting: Straight-Set, 7 x 7 blocks

Approximate Quilt Size: 98 x 98 inches (slightly larger than queen size)

General Fabric Requirements for Quilt Top

In addition to your usual quilting supplies here are general fabric requirements based on 40 - 42 inches of usable fabric.

  • Fabric A: 1/2 yard (red centers)
  • Fabric B: 1 yard (dark background 1)
  • Fabric C: 2 yards (dark background 2)
  • Fabric D: 3 yards (dark background 3)
  • Fabric E: 1 yard (light background 1)
  • Fabric F: 1 3/4 yards (light background 2)
  • Fabric G: 2 1/4 yards (light background 3)

The above yardage amounts to 6 yards of dark and 5 yards of light background fabric. Each yard of fabric should yield 14 (2 1/2 inch) strips.

If you're using 2 1/2 inch jelly roll packs you will need at least 4 jelly rolls for the 'logs'. Each jelly roll is about 3 yards of fabric. This would be about 12 yards of fabric.

Log Cabin Quilt Pattern Instructions

  • All seams are 1/4 inch unless otherwise noted
  • WOF = width of fabric

Step 1 Make Log Cabin Blocks

Start by cutting the fabric into 2 1/2 inch strips to make the log cabin blocks.


Use jelly roll 2 1/2 inch precut strips to make your blocks.

Make 49 (14 1/2 inch) unfinished size log cabin blocks.

Step 2 Trim Blocks

Trim/Square Up the blocks to size. In this log cabin quilt pattern that's 14 1/2 inches square unfinished. If your blocks are not 14 1/2 inches square, simply trim them all to the same size.

If you have to trim them smaller than 14 1/2 inches, that's okay. Just trim them all to the same size.

Step 3 Layout Quilt Top

On your design wall, floor or wherever you have room layout your quilt blocks as shown in the quilt assembly diagram shown below.

Log Cabin Quilt Assembly Diagram

log cabin quilt pattern assembly diagramqueen size log cabin quilt pattern assembly diagram

Step 4 Sew Blocks To One Another

Sew the blocks of each row together. Starting with Row 1, press the seams to the right. For each successive row alternate pressing in opposite directions.

Step 5 Sew Rows Together

Sew the rows to one another. Starting by stitching Row 2 to Row 1.
Stitch Row 3 to Row 2, Row 4 to Row 3, and all other rows in the same manner.

Press these seams downward.

Finishing the Log Cabin Quilt Pattern

Backing, Batting, Binding

Backing: 3 yards of wide backing fabric (usually 108 x 108 inches).

Binding Fabric: 1 yard

Batting: prepackaged king size (which is 120 x 120 inches). Trim to approximately 102 inches X 102 inches.

Step 6 Trim Backing Fabric

Trim to approximately 102 inches X 102 inches.

Step 7 Make the Quilt Sandwich

Put the log cabin quilt pattern quilt sandwich together. Layer in this order: backing, batting and quilt top.

Pin baste the three layers together.

Step 8 Quilt the Quilt

Now quilt the three layers.

May I suggest a straight line quilting pattern of diagonal lines, first going from left to right and then going from right to left of the quilt. Make the grid lines about 2 inches apart. This makes a crosshatch quilting pattern.

Or, if you know how to free-motion quilt go for it!

Step 9 Bind the Quilt

From yard of binding fabric cut 10 (2 1/2 inch x WOF strips) strips and join to make a single long binding strip.

Attach the binding to the quilt sandwich.

The log cabin quilt pattern is easy for beginners to make because it doesn't have matching seams. However, beginners, you may want to send your queen size log cabin quilt out to a long arm quilter to have it quilted.

Enjoy piecing and/or quilting this free log cabin quilt pattern using jelly rolls or yardage.

Happy quilting!

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